crazy idea vol. 1

By on Nov 29, 2006 in Life, Politics

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so i am constantly coming up with ideas for various things that i am in no position to really make happen at this point. mostly they just keep my constantly racing mind from being bored. so here is one …

compliation cd of songs about reproductive rights.

i know, i know. i’m a dork. but it was all inspired by … myself. i recently finished a song sorta about my experience escorting at the hope clinic in illinois. it fucking rocks too but that’s besides the point.

the comp would not be a bullshit rock against bush (actually i like those cds but ..). i’m talking lyrical content about the subject. perhaps it could spawn into a larger comps for change series but that rips of another idea’s name i’ll talk about later …

anyway, i think it’d be cool. prooceeds could benefit orgs like naral, planned parenthood, or better yet, abortion access funds.

so in thinking about writting this post i did a little search for pro-choice songs.

my own first thoughts were these:

operation rescue – bad religion
ani difranco – i wasn’t sure which song but i was 100% sure she had at least one song about abortion

and that was pretty much it. but here’s a list i’ve compiled. many of the artists i don’t even know and some of the songs i’d forgotten about. so here you go – a list of pro-choice songs about abortions:

bodies – the sex pistols
(who definitley DID NOT invent punk rock and are essentially the backstreet boys of punk but … that doesn’t take away from the fact that they wrote a song about abortion … although due to this song, some douche listed them on a top 50 list of conservative rock songs which is just a bit wierd and laugable. here’s the article if you are interested: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NzZkNDU5MmViNzVjNzkzMDE3NzNlN2MyZjRjYTk4YjE=)
EDIT: the song is NOT pro-choice. lyrics here. fucking assholes.

brick – ben folds

the lost woman; birmingham – ani difranco

sally’s pigeon – cyndi lauper

9 month blues; the judge’s chair – peggy seeger

fight back; why oh why – holly near

behind the wall – try chapman

some boys; the boy/girl rap – alix dobkin

breaking silence – janis ian
(incidentally this is also the name of a character in mean girls … is it sad that i know that? probably …)

car with no brakes – erica wheeler

testimony – ferron

will the fetus be aborted? – dead kennedys
(oh jello … how i love you …)

what’s it like – everlast

mary & child – born against

femme fatale – diggable planets

prodigal daughter – michelle shocked

sister, carry on – carolyn mcdad

* note: some of these were marked as “women’s issues” so they might not actually be about abortion … comment, additions, etc welcome.

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