"i am the cause of all your problems …"

By on Nov 28, 2006 in Politics

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so adam and i finally got our shit together and returned the netflix dvd that had been sitting in the apartment for months. yes, that’s right, MONTHS. anywho, we rented the first season of 30 Days – the new tv show by Morgan Spurlock on FX. the first episode was Morgan and his lady friend (oops, now fiance) trying to live on minimum wage. now, i’ve read nickel and dimed. i’m aware of the issues but nonetheless the episode made me sad and pissed off. why you ask? well, even if you didn’t ask, i’ll tell ya …

because these problems can be fixed. don’t get me wrong. the world is complicated. many issues are too complicated to be solved by a few simple policy changes. this is not one of those issues. so here it is:

Becca’s quick fix to vastly improving the lives of the working poor:

1. raise the minimum wage. duh.
2. universal health care. the vast majority of americans that declare bankrutpcy do it because of medical bills … and that includes the middle class. americans spend double what countries with universal health care pay. and last time i check, i waited forever at the doctor’s office and i’m paying his ass.

and while you are at it:
3. don’t send primary caregivers on welfare back to work unless you are going to give them a choice and provide subsidized childcare.
4. provide subsidized childcare.
5. public education!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spend money on it. NOW. this is definitley one problem that would be solved by throwing money at it.

and a couple more …
5. stop teaching our kids abstinence-only education. it doesn’t work and it puts their lives at risk and increases unwanted pregnancy.
6. stop sending non-violent offenders to prison because then they come out violent offenders and don’t support their families or their community.

But Becca, you say, this will never happen because there are two many crazy conservatives and wussy liberals in politics.

Becca’s quick fix to make America an actual democracy again:

1. PUBLICALLY FINANCED CAMPAIGNS. period. end of story.

and while your at it …
congress should NEVER be able to give itself a raise. that’s ridiculous. no one else does so why should our representives?

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