Hillary didn’t win; she just didn’t lose …

By on Mar 6, 2008 in Politics

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Last night, CNN was covered with talk of ‘Hilary Won!’ and peppered with ‘Why did Hilary win?’ and ‘Why did Obama lose?’

Here’s the thing: Hilary did not “win” any votes yesterday. In fact, she lost many.

Prior to election day, Obama was polling at around 20% in Texas and Ohio. (Now we could go into a diatribe about how polling is bullshit but I’ll hold off). Which means that, since Obama got around 45% of the vote , he won 25% of Hilary’s voters or, put in another way, Hilary lost 25% of her voters.

Now I’m no Obama lover, but my hatred for simplistic media coverage trumps all political affiliations.

One guest on CNN finally got it right around midnight: The media (and perhaps the country) is treating this election like a general election, in other words, we are treating it like it is ‘winner take all.’ It’s not. The delegate difference remains virtually unchanged.

Frankly, that delegate difference is the real issue and could result in another riot like the one in 1968 (i.e. if the super delegates don’t vote for the popularly elected canidate or Hilary fights for Michigan and Florida’s votes to count even though no one else campaigned or was even on the ballots there.)

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