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By on Apr 25, 2008 in Life

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So I’ve become obsessed with Google Reader. It’s like blogs! All in one place! Yay!

Seriously though, I’ve really resisted the reading things online movement (I’m not an early-adopter as they say). Reading on the screen just seemed so bright and uncomfortable – all that scrolling and clicking – ugh. I would occasionally bookmark blogs I’d heard of and check them occasionally for a while and then forget about them. Sure there were feed burners out there but I never really had the impetus to figure it out and investigate.

But then I decided I would try blogging – mostly because I’m on a writing kick. Writing a book is, after all, on my list of things to do in life. Since I couldn’t motivate myself to just sit down and write regularly (or ever), I thought blogging might be a good way to get into writing and help me find my way. Of course, being the OCD person that I am, I actually started 4 blogs with mixed success in the writing-regularly department.

Anyway, some how I ended up on Google Reader and it all spiraled from there. I have my feminist blogs (yes, I’m finally reading Feministing) and political blogs and music blogs and tech blogs. Yeah! I feel very informed.

Anyway, that it – Yay Google Reader! 🙂

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