The Dead Kennedys, Wash U, & Phyllis Schlafly

By on May 6, 2008 in Life, Politics

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I just found out that my dear alma mater – Washington University in St. Louis – will be giving Phyllis Schlafly an honorary doctorate at the upcoming commencement. (Thank you Feministing!)

I can handle the fact that a douche bag like Chris Mathews is giving the Commencement address – especially since I didn’t even go to my graduation so I’m not really inclined to be concerned about who graduates and their families have to suffer through – I can even, kind of, handle the fact that they are also giving him an honorary doctorate (I mean, what for?) but Phyllis fucking Schlafly?? Seriously?!?!?

As a response to this outrageous bullshit, I wrote a quick email to Chancellor Wrighton:

Dear Chancellor Wrighton,

I was shocked to learn that Washington University will be honoring Phyllis Schlafly this year. In fact, I double checked to be sure that it wasn’t the other Washington, because I just could not understand how an institution that valued me as a community member could be honoring someone who doesn’t believe that I have should have full rights as a human being. While I and my fellow students and alumni value diversity of thought, there is a difference between making a space for intellectual discourse across the spectrum and honoring, which in essence condones and validates, a divisive political figure – especially one who are argues against the rights of over half the student body.

I want you to understand that, given this information, I cannot continue to support the University. When donating to my alumnus, I had always assumed that my money would be helping to build an intellectual community of diversity and tolerance. I cannot in good faith continue to support an institution that chooses to honor someone who doesn’t believe that I deserve the full rights of a human being.

In the immortal words of Jello Biafra (misogyny issues aside) in the Dead Kennedy’s Song “Moral Majority“:

Blow it out your ass, Terry Dolan
Blow it out your ass, Phyllis Schlafly
Ram it up your cunt, Anita
Cos God must be dead
If you’re alive
God must be dead
If you’re alive

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