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By on Jun 23, 2008 in Music

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I just have not been in a specific music/artist mood lately. To quelch my musical needs, I’ve been turning to iPod’s shuffle feature lately. Just because I can, I thought I’d share the suffle-age.

(Beginning from #12 because that’s where I’m at right now)

  1. Dear Girl by The Steinways (feat. Hallie from The Unlovables) – “p.s. where the fuck’s my sweatshirt?”
  2. My My Metrocard by Le Tigre – I wish I liked Le Tigre half as much as I love Bikini Kill but I just don’t … “next stop: Atlantic Avenue”
  3. Basket Case by Green Day from Bullet In a Bible (Live Album) – I love Green Day for not editing this album (which I know because they occasionally fuck up and you can hear it)
  4. Even Angels Fall by Jessica Riddle from the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack – um … love this song … love the movie … sad but true
  5. Sick Boy by Social Distortion – I wish Mike Ness, in his old fat age, wouldn’t hit on girls in the audience anymore … it’s getting kinda gross. sorry but it is. in other thoughts: this song. great. classic.
  6. Help Save the Youth of America by Billy Bragg – I can only tolerate Billy Bragg’s brit-rockness (I know it’s wrong, I just can’t help that post-the 60s and not including The Clash, I kind of hate British rock) because he’s just so fuckin’ talented and awesome.
  7. Volvare – Dean Martin
  8. I Wanna Live – The Ramones – dude! this is the 3rd Ramones song I’ve heard! I love them but I think Apple could improve their shuffle algorithm. To be fair, they have released A LOT of albums and we have all of them.
  9. Anchor Grill by The Descendents – This album (Cool to be You) was such a phenomenal dissapointment. ‘Merican was an awesome teaser EP and then … the ‘Merican songs were the only good songs on the actual album.
  10. Educated Guess by Mxpx – awww … it’s my high school era fake-boyfriend … haven’t listened to this for years.
  11. Teenage Labatomy by The Ramones – See!
  12. Four-Eyed Girl by Rhett Miller – He’s so freakin’ cute especially when he does his butt-shake-dance on stage …
  13. O Holy Night by Mariah Carey – uh, skip. this is only semi-ok during Christmas.
  14. Breathless by Wanda Jackson – if you get a chance to see her live, do it. she’s ADORABLE!
  15. A Man Can Cry by Freddie Fender
  16. You Do It So Well by Name Taken – this is from my sister and I am reserving judgement …
  17. Billy Be Bad by George Jones – I don’t actually know who this or where this came from but it ain’t bad … a little Hank 2 pop-country-ish … ultimately, it’s skipper …
  18. No, All! by The Descendents – Does this even count? It’s 2 seconds long!
  19. 30 Days by Run DMC – Skip! It’s only very very very occasionally that I have any desire to listen to rap … no disrespect to Run DMC though, he’s the cream of the crop …
  20. Gonna be a Blackout Tonight by The Dropkick Murhpys

That’s all for tonight kids!

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