And it’s iTunes for the win!

By on Sep 16, 2008 in Music

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Sunday I installed the new version of iTunes – usually I’m pretty lax about my updates but iTunes was giving me weird errors so I thought it would help. With the new install, came “Genius,” a nifty little side bar for iTunes that recommends music or creates playlists based on a selected song.

I decided to try it out and see what it would say. To be honest, I was wary. I selected my favorite Buddy Holly song – (I don’t care) Baby you’re so square (which, by the way, Joni Mitchell covers – how wierd is that?). Genius created a playlist which I have yet to listen to – it was an interesting mix of old rock n roll and punk which, for me, is an excellent sign and Genius recommended a few Buddy Holly songs I didn’t own.

So I begin trying this for various other artists, styles, etc. At some point, I click on The Cramps … and what? iTunes now carries two albums – A Date with Elvis and Stay Sick – that I have had on backorder from Amazon fo-ever! Amazing!

I kept looking and end up on Face to Face. What awesomeness does iTunes recommend?? An EP called So Why Aren’t You Happy? that came out with Ignorance is Bliss and was only available from Best Buy!

Dear iTunes – I love you. I know you didn’t carry all this stuff before because I’ve searched for The Cramps album but now that you do, I am forever grateful.

On iTunes:
The Cramps – A Date with Elvis
The Cramps – Stay Sick
Face to Face – So Why Aren’t You Happy? EP

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