How to be a Rock Star – Life lessons and other such dissapointments …

By on Oct 14, 2008 in Life

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In my previous, and also ironically titled, post, I wrote about having to make a big scary decision. Update: I wussed out in making it and now it has been made for me … which may or may not be better. The point is this: I’m back to square one. Literally, figuratively, emotionally.

Last week, I felt like I was treading water … and had been for a long long time. I wonder where that metaphor will take me now … hopefully, swimming forward but then again, it might take me out of the pool entirely.

Tonight, as I paid $15 an hour to play by myself, a certain lyric I wrote long ago hit me:

i was taught a lesson i’ll never forget
the things i want the most are the things i’ll never get

Ok. Enough with the self-pitying drama. Anyone know a drummer??

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