Philly Saves Homes!

By on Oct 1, 2008 in Politics

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Here’s a good article in the NYT about a program in Philly that is saving 80% of foreclosed homes.

Just because this blog is called “Rebecca Rants and Raves …” (I do way more ranting than raving though don’t I?), I’ll throw in a rant for good measure:

“Ms. McGrath, a nursing assistant, said she had refinanced her $64,000 loan at 9.75 percent to help pay medical bills. She had expected to pay $1,406 a month, but from the start of the loan she was presented with bills of $1,886, which she could not afford.”

Let me just reiterate for the zillionth time – We need Universal Single Payer Healthcare. NOW! (Note that the “single payer” part is key). Think I’m alone? The majority of physicians support universal single payer health care. (Otherwise known as ‘Canadian Style’ – seriously, when else can you say that outside the realm of bacon?)

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