Monday notes on politics: Weiner’s weiner

By on Jun 20, 2011 in Politics

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As his almost-constituent, I may have followed the Anthony Weiner scandal a bit more closely than most. After refusing to resign, then having Democrats throw him under the buss, and going into “therapy,” he officially resigned on Thursday. I’m fucking pissed about it.

First of all, sexting with adults on twitter, while inappropriate is not illegal … like, say, sleeping with prostitutes (ahem, Elliot Sptizer) or getting a blow job from your intern and then lying about it under oath (ahem, Bill Clinton). I’m not even going to get into the Republican sex scandals, but suffice to say that for a political party that purports “family values,” they sure have a lot of politicians fucking hookers and soliciting gay sex in bathrooms.

Second of all, what the fuck is wrong with Democrats? I don’t care if you don’t particularly like Weiner, you don’t throw someone in your party under the bus like that when they did nothing illegal or anything that affects their ability govern. What kind of idiots are you? Oh wait … the kind that wins an election on getting out of Iraq, health care reform, and the economy and then takes 3 years to pass a minute amount of legislation.

Thirdly, Weiner is an idiot. Not only for sending pics of his penis on twitter (um, hello, at least use a throw-away email account), but also for resigning. Suck it up, ride it out, and keep going. If you’re constituents don’t like you, they’ll vote you out at the next election. End. Of. Story.

Basically, what I’m saying, Weiner, is … don’t be such a weiner. Hardy har har! Happy Monday y’all!

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