I hate this town :: Song of the week

By on Jan 13, 2012 in Music

I go through phases. In general. Take a look at my Pinterest account. I don’t use something for days, weeks, months and then I go on binging sprees. Sites that have a recommended feature are particularly dangerous. They lead to to a vicious cycle. This is particularly true with music. A while back, I went on an iTunes binge.

I purchased the new Paramore album, because I could not get The Only Exception out of my head. (Side note: As a recovering stalker, I happen to be pretty sure that the song is about Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory. I *love* this. New Found Glory has a special place in my heart. But that is for another post).

Then I went crazy. I got the new Creepshow album (Yay! Stand out song: Sleep Tight) and new Loved Ones EPs. I had previously been obsessed with the Every Avenue’sWhere were you?” so I bought their new-to-me-but-came-out-in-2009 album. (Pretty good. I’m totally into the first three songs.) This all lead me to the metalcore/pop-punk band A Day To Remember. I bought their newest album. It’s OK … I’m not so into the metalcore part, but the pop-punk action is delicious. The stand-out song is definitely “All Signs Point to Fort Launderdale.” It is a song about love problems AND hating where you live. My favorite song topics! 🙂

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