Blend: Life lessons from make-up

By on Mar 17, 2012 in Life

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I have a lot of trouble finding make-up that’s the right color for my skin. Most light make-up has a pink base or sometimes yellow. My skin is pale and golden.

After one of the drug store brands discontinued the only light gold foundation I’ve ever seen and I went through a bad skin phase, I decided to up my game and started using Mac make-up. The first time I went to the now-defunct Mac store in Soho, the women who made me over gave me a yellow toned foundation and powder (NC). It looked Ok but always seemed a bit light and not quite right.

When I ran out of make-up, I went back and the dude who was helping me switched me to pink toned (NW). Again, there as always something a bit off. Then it occurred to me: BLEND.

There was a real life lesson in this frivolous moment — stop trying to force things to fit you and create the thing/life you want.

One of my favorite movies is Kissing Jessica Stein. It’s the story of two women who enter into an unexpected relationship. On their first date, they have the following exchange:

Jessica: Helen? Can I ask you a question?
Helen: Yeah? Sure.
Jessica: What color lipstick are you wearing?
Helen: Well, it’s three different kinds. I blend.
Jessica: Really?
Helen: Yeah.
Jessica: Really? Wow.

Jessica: Well, it looks, um, just beautiful on you.
Helen: Oh, thank you. Hey, you should try it yourself. It would look gorgeous
on your complexion.
Jessica: Oh, thank you. But, um– Yeah, the blending thing is a little labor-intensive for me, you know? I’m kind of looking for that “one”.
Helen: Well, you’ll never find it. I’m telling you: blend.

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