I’m Rebecca or some variation — Becca mostly.


I’m a software engineer, tech diversity non-profit founder, speaker, writer, and coder.

I spend most of my time working as a CTO of an amazing company with my bff — writing code, smashing barriers, taking names, etc.

In a previous life, I was a competitive figure skater, in a punk rock band, CSA organizer, Offbeat Bride contributing editor/programmer/intern, TV game show contestant, spanish speaker, magazine model, sort-of surfer/inline skater/skateboarder/snowboarder, vegan cookbook tester, college tv and radio host, international traveler, jewelry maker, swing dancer, teacher, wife, and rescue dog owner.

Basically, I’m awesome. And a hot mess. At the same time.

I live in Chicago with my crazy, old, special needs black pug, Maverick, and A LOT of very colorful clothes.

This is where I, inconsistently, document my life’s journey.

Life goes on.
The pain of it so sure.
The sweetness so mysterious.

– Alice Walker