On the SD Abortion Ban

By on Oct 10, 2008 in Politics

Feministing posted this news story on the new South Dakota Abortion Ban. Watch it, then read. I want to point out a couple things: Of the two women from the anti-abortion group, both were motivated by regret for their own abortions. One of them said: “… most women do not weigh all of the true decisions that need to be made.” Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, often considered a swing vote, was brought up. Some argue that he will vote in favor of overturning Roe v Wade by citing his brief in the late term abortion case in which he states “some women come to regret their decision.” All of these arguments effectively boil down to this: women cannot be trusted to make a responsible decision. I think this is incredibly condescending and offensive to all women not to mention fundamentally un-American. Democracy is based on the premise that as a society we trust...

Coat Hangers Happened

By on Jun 3, 2008 in Politics

In case you think coat hanger abortions are all hype,i found – through feministing – a disturbing and graphic article in the New York Times today written by an OB who has been there, done that. He didn’t actually perform abortions pre-Roe; he did, however, deal with the aftermath of illegal, unsafe abortion procedures. Read the graphic accounts of the risk these women put themselves in and think about the kind of desperation that would cause you to do such a thing. It is surely not a desperation that anyone in the US having grown up with birth control readily available and abortion somewhat available (although it’s becoming less and less available) has truly felt. I have volunteered as an abortion clinic escort for the past few years now. Basically, a clinic escort is there to counter-balance and sheild the woman – sometimes physically; often emotionally...

crazy idea vol. 1

By on Nov 29, 2006 in Life, Politics

so i am constantly coming up with ideas for various things that i am in no position to really make happen at this point. mostly they just keep my constantly racing mind from being bored. so here is one … compliation cd of songs about reproductive rights. i know, i know. i’m a dork. but it was all inspired by … myself. i recently finished a song sorta about my experience escorting at the hope clinic in illinois. it fucking rocks too but that’s besides the point. the comp would not be a bullshit rock against bush (actually i like those cds but ..). i’m talking lyrical content about the subject. perhaps it could spawn into a larger comps for change series but that rips of another idea’s name i’ll talk about later … anyway, i think it’d be cool. prooceeds could benefit orgs like naral, planned parenthood, or better yet, abortion access...