Stroke your emo – Dashboard Confessional at the House of Blues, Atlantic City, November 10, 2007

By on Jan 8, 2008 in Music

Dashboard Confessional is not one of my favorite bands. I’m not sure Dashboard would even break the top 20. Dashboard Confessional is, however, a band full of memories. From my initial rash, un-informed hatred of their emoness to certain friends to good times and bad. Their music makes me especially nostalgic for my time in St. Louis singing at the top of my lungs to songs from ‘A mark, a mission, a brand, a scar‘ in my nice, big apartment dreaming of a certainly impossible man who would write those dreamy words for me: I’ll be true I’ll be useful I’ll be cavalier I’ll be yours my dear And I’ll belong to you … if you’ll just let me through … Those same words that I sang into Adam’s ear while he stood begrudgingly next to me at the Dashboard Confessional show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City on November 10,...