I just don’t know if I can fight (right now)

By on Nov 11, 2016 in Life

Trump’s victory at the polls coupled with the Republican’s controlling both the house and the senate has me, like so so many of us, reeling. I am angry. I am scared for the safety of myself and all those I love, especially my friends of color, LGBTQ friends, and Muslim friends. These people are not token aquantainces in my life. They are people I regularly rely on for advice and support. I am scared for myself, a white, cis, straight women, for the reasons all women out there are afraid. Will I be able to get birth control? It may very well no longer be covered by insurance (or only for women who are married as it used to be), it may become outrageously expensive, it may be banned in some places or restricted to the point that it is banned for many women. Maybe we will return to the days of forced sterilization. Will I be groped or assaulted? Like every woman in America, I...


By on Feb 25, 2014 in Life

At 31, I may be learning patience. 31 years is a long time to live feeling constantly on edge, ready to move, terrified of falling …. I have a brain injury. My brain is injured. Traumatically. I have a traumatic brain injury. It sounds too intense and severe and yet ‘concussion’ sounds like something that you get over in a week like the flu. Neither really captures the subtle things. The instant fight or flight response at any sign of stress. The weird head tingling that a book says is a type of headache. The inability to remember little things – words, what I was saying, where the fuck I put my purple hoodie coat from Brooklyn Industries. I’ve even misplaced my book ON concussions. Oh irony … you saucy minx. All the books … well the ones written by people who have actually studied mild traumatic brain inuries say the same thing: rest, do what...

Things I’ve lost since I got my concussion

By on Jan 28, 2014 in Life

My phone (found!) My Brooklyn Industries purple sweater jacket Pair of skinny jeans My keys with gym pass and citibike key (found!) My book ON mild traumatic brain injury