The primary system is failing us!!

By on Jan 30, 2008 in Politics

I just found out that Edwards is dropping out of the presidential race. This right after Kucinich – by far the best progressive candidate and the only politician i know with the balls to risk his career to do what’s right – dropped out due to a fierce re-election campaign. I’m heartbroken and I blame the primary system. Here’s why: Having primaries on different days in different states gives more weight to those states that come first. Super Tuesday hasn’t happen yet. Four states – count them four – have voted. (Well technically 6 states have voted but since the democratic party has used its corrupted weight to disenfranchise Michigan and Floridian democrats and not count their votes, I won’t either). Only 8% of the country has weighed in on primary candidates and already 4 candidates (Kucinich, Edwards, Dodd, andBiden) have dropped...