Grammies & Druggies: A night with Paramore (Nov 28, 2007, Roseland Ballroom, NYC)

By on Jan 29, 2008 in Music

So Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, has an adorable grandmother. Adorable. I ran into her very proud grams in line for the ladies bathroom at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC on November 28, 2007. I wanted to tell Gramma Williams that Hayley had quite a voice but she was busy chatting it up with the girls behind me. So instead I’ll tell you. Hayley Williams has quite a voice. I first saw Paramore on Steven’s Untitled Rock Show on Fuse in their video for Pressure off their Fueled By Ramen debut, All We Know Is Falling. Hayley’s amazing voice and coveted red hair coupled with their unexpected rhythmic changes sold me immediately. (Adam would call those unexpected rhythmic changes ‘their drummer is too good for his own good’ changes but as someone who can’t stick to one rhythm when writing a song, I say: whatever.) In fact, I continued to flip to...

Stroke your emo – Dashboard Confessional at the House of Blues, Atlantic City, November 10, 2007

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Dashboard Confessional is not one of my favorite bands. I’m not sure Dashboard would even break the top 20. Dashboard Confessional is, however, a band full of memories. From my initial rash, un-informed hatred of their emoness to certain friends to good times and bad. Their music makes me especially nostalgic for my time in St. Louis singing at the top of my lungs to songs from ‘A mark, a mission, a brand, a scar‘ in my nice, big apartment dreaming of a certainly impossible man who would write those dreamy words for me: I’ll be true I’ll be useful I’ll be cavalier I’ll be yours my dear And I’ll belong to you … if you’ll just let me through … Those same words that I sang into Adam’s ear while he stood begrudgingly next to me at the Dashboard Confessional show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City on November 10,...

Motion City Soundtrack at the Roseland Ballroom NYC 11/9/2007

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Motion City Soundtrack is the first band that my sister introduced me to. This fact makes me simultaneously sad and proud. Truthfully, the first time I heard Motion City, I was going through my sister’s iTunes copying songs onto my computer. Her AIM away message has sported Motion City lyrics a few times so I took a listen to The Future Freaks Me Out. I have come to deeply adore that song but at the time I thought it was kind of wierd and hipster – probably because I skipped through it too quickly. Eventually (I’m not sure when), I came around and became addicted. So when I found out Motion City was coming to town I was stoked. Recently, on a long drive with my cousin, he played me Anberlin and Mae. Both bands made it on my list of bands to check out so I was doubly stoked to see them opening for Motion City. Prior to the show I went out and bought all the...