Some Articles on Obama’s Terrible Economic Choices —

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Considering that I am both doing NaNoWriMo AND have just moved, I don’t have time right now to formulate my utter (although predicted) disappointment in Obama’s cabinet choices, especially his economic choices. Instead I’m offering my dear readers (are there any really??) a smattering of articles that might give some insight – especially for progressives who think Summers & Geithner are good choices (and I’m not even taking into consideration the fact that Summers thinks that women just aren’t good at science): About the Advisory Board – Paul Krugman’s suggested picks. Why oh why Paul won’t you do it??Return of Wall Street Hustlers – Think that Rubin & Clinton aren’t partially responsible for this economic mess? Think again.State Banks Could Solve Financial Crisis – why not get the good part of...

I’m not the only one with the Great Depression on the mind ….

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… according to the consumerist

The Great Depression v2.0

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I’ve been saying or hinting for a while now that the current fiscal crisis we are in is absolutely akin to the Great Depression. I think most people think (thought?) that I was overreacting. Well, now I’m, sadly, not the only one. McCain & Hoover: The fundamentals are strong!“The day before Hoover insisted that the fundamentals were strong was the day that came to be known as Black Thursday, when in heavy trading the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost about 9 percent of its value. And while, in endless stock-footage documentaries showing images of dumbfounded traders over a soundtrack of mournful jazz clarinets, the crash is supposed to begin the Great Depression, it wasn’t quite so. The real cause was the collapse of the banking system, which followed the crash in part because Hoover believed strong fundamentals would protect the economy from...

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Bullshit ….

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In writing my last post, I was googling to try to find the democratic party official or worker or something who said that while working for the democratic party, he didn’t have to listen to the left at all. Instead, I came across a random blog – I guess it can’t be that random if it showed up in google’s first page search results – some guy wrote about how both the Democrats and Republicans have it wrong. Don’t get me wrong, as evidenced by my voting for Nader, I think both parties have a lot of shaping up to do. However, this guy’s reasons for why the democrats need to shape up are right out of the Fox News play book. Seriously, dude, seriously. Before I, inappropriately, post a comment, I thought I’d share here my responses to his post: Democrats still believe in higher taxes, especially the higher income people to spend on the...

America: The New India?

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One of the things I’ve always hated about liberal intellectuals is the glorification of non-Western culture. I’m not saying that eastern cultures don’t have positives – they have plenty – but they also have many many negatives (just as we do). I remember talking with a friend of mine who was preparing to head to grad school for Indian History. She began telling me about how the Indian government was so responsive to the people – responsive in a way that the American government isn’t. Specifically, she was talking about the Indian government’s attempts at dealing with the exponential increase in suicides among poor farmers. I looked at her quizzically. In America, I said, we would never get to a point where poor farmers are so desperate that they start killing themselves – we subsidize farmers, we have welfare. I wasn’t saying...