Blend: Life lessons from make-up

By on Mar 17, 2012 in Life

I have a lot of trouble finding make-up that’s the right color for my skin. Most light make-up has a pink base or sometimes yellow. My skin is pale and golden. After one of the drug store brands discontinued the only light gold foundation I’ve ever seen and I went through a bad skin phase, I decided to up my game and started using Mac make-up. The first time I went to the now-defunct Mac store in Soho, the women who made me over gave me a yellow toned foundation and powder (NC). It looked Ok but always seemed a bit light and not quite right. When I ran out of make-up, I went back and the dude who was helping me switched me to pink toned (NW). Again, there as always something a bit off. Then it occurred to me: BLEND. There was a real life lesson in this frivolous moment — stop trying to force things to fit you and create the thing/life you want. One of my favorite...