i like people who wreck. homes.

By on Sep 20, 2007 in Music

this may come as a shock to many (or not) but i like michelle branch. and vanessa carlton. they write catchy pop music. let me say that again: they write catchy pop music. the state of women in music today is dire. DIRE. and i feel that michelle branch and vanessa carlton get unfairly lumped into the britney and avril camp. they are both musicians and artists as opposed to marketing ploys. and because they write the words they sing, they are a voice in music today that is rarely heard: the voice of young girls growing up. in vanessa carlton’s song “white houses,” she sings about losing her virginity. from the joy of new, bestest friends to crush and obsession with insignificant details (“he’s so funny in his bright red shirt”) to the disappointment of the aftermath; the disappointment of growing up. i’ve seen one tree hill and buffy and...