Genius Playlist: Maybe Tonight

By on Oct 11, 2008 in Music

I was messing around with Apple’s new Genius feature and to try it out, I asked it to come up with a playlist for Nicole Atkin’s song Maybe Tonight. I just realized this playlist changes as it goes so instead of listing it, I’m going to list the high lights and low lights so far … I started with: Maybe Tonight by Nicole Atkins off Neptune City in Country – Alt Country Highlights:Ted Leo & The Pharmacists in Rock – HipsterThe Pretenders in 80s/New WavePaul Westerberg in Rock – Indie/AlternativePixies in Rock – Indie/Alternative – I’m not a big huge Pixies fan but I think it’s nifty that it came up hereOld 97’s and Rhett Miller in Country – Alt Country – Since I was introduced to Nicole Atkins when she opened for Rhett Miller recently, this is extra fitting.Sucked Out by Superdrag off Regretfully...

Motion City Soundtrack at the Roseland Ballroom NYC 11/9/2007

By on Dec 3, 2007 in Music

Motion City Soundtrack is the first band that my sister introduced me to. This fact makes me simultaneously sad and proud. Truthfully, the first time I heard Motion City, I was going through my sister’s iTunes copying songs onto my computer. Her AIM away message has sported Motion City lyrics a few times so I took a listen to The Future Freaks Me Out. I have come to deeply adore that song but at the time I thought it was kind of wierd and hipster – probably because I skipped through it too quickly. Eventually (I’m not sure when), I came around and became addicted. So when I found out Motion City was coming to town I was stoked. Recently, on a long drive with my cousin, he played me Anberlin and Mae. Both bands made it on my list of bands to check out so I was doubly stoked to see them opening for Motion City. Prior to the show I went out and bought all the...