Um, what?

By on Jan 16, 2009 in Life, Politics

So I just got this really random IM: **** IronedCoho: You know, I’m a Christian and your recent post offended me! What if my children were on? I mean, it’s all the rage to be edgy and everything but is it really necessary to use such prejudicing words like the N-word? Grow up and read your Bible. me: who are you and what the hell are you talking about? ironedcoho is offline. **** This was an interesting moment for me, because, other than the telling fact that I never used the N-word in any post, the truth is that this guy could totally be talking about a post I wrote. So I thought I’d comment on a statement made to somehow make me feel guilty: “What if my children were on?” First of all, it is not my responsibility to ensure that your children don’t see things you don’t want them to or to ensure that your children can deal with and understand...