New Playlist: “Reinventing Happiness Again”

By on Oct 14, 2008 in Music

I made this last night. It’s the first playlist I’ve made in a long time. Significant? Perhaps. Give it a few minutes; it takes forever to load … If it never loads, click here.

And it’s iTunes for the win!

By on Sep 16, 2008 in Music

Sunday I installed the new version of iTunes – usually I’m pretty lax about my updates but iTunes was giving me weird errors so I thought it would help. With the new install, came “Genius,” a nifty little side bar for iTunes that recommends music or creates playlists based on a selected song. I decided to try it out and see what it would say. To be honest, I was wary. I selected my favorite Buddy Holly song – (I don’t care) Baby you’re so square (which, by the way, Joni Mitchell covers – how wierd is that?). Genius created a playlist which I have yet to listen to – it was an interesting mix of old rock n roll and punk which, for me, is an excellent sign and Genius recommended a few Buddy Holly songs I didn’t own. So I begin trying this for various other artists, styles, etc. At some point, I click on The Cramps … and...

iPod shuffle-age

By on Jun 23, 2008 in Music

I just have not been in a specific music/artist mood lately. To quelch my musical needs, I’ve been turning to iPod’s shuffle feature lately. Just because I can, I thought I’d share the suffle-age. (Beginning from #12 because that’s where I’m at right now) Dear Girl by The Steinways (feat. Hallie from The Unlovables) – “p.s. where the fuck’s my sweatshirt?” My My Metrocard by Le Tigre – I wish I liked Le Tigre half as much as I love Bikini Kill but I just don’t … “next stop: Atlantic Avenue” Basket Case by Green Day from Bullet In a Bible (Live Album) – I love Green Day for not editing this album (which I know because they occasionally fuck up and you can hear it) Even Angels Fall by Jessica Riddle from the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack – um … love this song … love the...

CD Reviews: The Loved Ones, Horrorpops, and Tim Armstrong

By on Mar 5, 2008 in Music

Some thoughts on recently purchased CDs: The Loved Ones – Build & Burn After listening to The Loved Ones new cd, Build & Burn, I missed the intense drive of Keep Your Heart which begins with pounding drums and an energy-filled yell. I think it’s safe to say that The Loved Ones grew up … at least a little. On some level this is disappointing since I credit The Loved Ones and their song “Jane” to re-awakening my love of cheesy pop-punk and, in many ways, re-awakening myself. Nonetheless, after a few listens, I have come to really enjoy Build & Burn – and get its songs stuck in my head. Despite the decrease in intensity, Build & Burn offers all the catchy-ness of Keep Your Heart. “Louisiana”, a song about rebuilding New Orleans, is the first song that stuck in my head. It’s gospel-esque repetition seems fitting for the...