The Screeching Weasel SXSW Drama and how bands are fucking over their fans

By on Mar 24, 2011 in Music

Adam and I were planning on heading out to Philly (after our super secret taping of a game show!) on April 7th to go see Screeching Weasel. Adam’s brother also got them tickets to WeaselFest in Chicago over Labor Day. (Yes, I’m jealous.) Now the Philly show has been cancelled, because the entire band quit and other bands on the WeaselFest bill are dropping like flies. In case you haven’t heard the drama, here’s what happened: Screeching Weasel played SXSW. Ben Weasel spent most of the show bitching about SXSW, rock journalists, the media, and the crowd. Apparently, a women in the front row threw ice (or a beer) at him. She then did it again, so he punched her and another women. You can see the altercation here. I guess everyone was appalled by this, which lead to Ben Weasel issuing an apology and then the band quitting and bands dropping out of WeaselFest....