I’m a stalker!

By on Oct 17, 2007 in Life

i admit it. i was, hands down, completely, childishly obsessed with Mike Herrera and MxPx in high school. but i thought i had gotten over that. and not just because i had gotten older and started feeling lamer about liking pop-punk bands like MxPx. the real downfall was when they all got married. yuri’s marriage wasn’t so disconcerting but once tom got hitched, we all knew mike would be a close third. and after that, after the everpassing moment, their songs just went down hill. without a broken heart, mike’s lyrics lost their gusto. it all seemed a bit too formulaic and cheesy. but things changed yesterday when i came across mike herrera’s new solo, country myspace page. i mean, hello, is that not the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard? for me, it is. i’m always looking for sense in my musical tastes (really in my tastes in general), which in our...